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CARE – Clean and Renewable Energy

Technological innovation in electric energy generation

Information Report

Care Electric Energia Ltda., is a Brazilian company whose main activity is to develop and market innovative and ecological solutions for energy sources and associated fields. The company has developed and owns patents to environmental friendly technologies that are economic and profitable source of energy.
In a world where companies are expected to develop ever more efficient, clean and sustainable technologies, CARE ELECTRIC has made it its prime objective to strive for such goals.

In the following pages a description of the CARE technology will be shown to potential interested parties.

Usina CareElectric

A functioning Care facility, anchored on both banks of a river, with water flowing while energy is being generated. Depending on the characteristics of the river more units can be placed downstream allowing for greater energy generation capacity.
Usina CareElectric

CARE ELECRTIC unit adapted for a typical river environment. The CARE concept envisions the adaptability of the solution to different situations.

Creativity and Innovation
CARE’s  innovative solutions to can be ideal for rural communities, farms, factories, mining sites, oil extraction, as well as other small or large commercial activities, or just for the environmental concerned individuals bring a series of advantages, some of which are listed below:
•    no need to divert the river or water flow or flood any land with considerable savings
•    it is based on the conception on modulus which allow for different installation combinations
•    the installed capacity depends on the local river conditions and the water flow measured in  m³ / s
•    units can be installed close to consumption point in out of the way villages and sites or it can be connected to energy power grids
•    no need for heavy construction, with foundations inserted into the river bed and secured on both banks

CARE’s experimental unit, has undergone rigorous testing conducted by experts in this area at the prestigious CEFET-MG, (University of Minas Gerais Electric Engineering Department) which were very impressed with its technological innovations and ease to assemble. The modular concept allows it to be adapted to various sites, and among its prime advantages is that of a very low installation cost.

The incomparable environmental friendly aspects create a niche of its own. Care strives to continually search for efficient and clean energies, having invested and researched what has become truly viable option. The CEFET MG team stated, when comparing Care’s technology with solar energy as “a world encompassing revolution in the generation of electric energy.”
A unique aspect of Care’s technology is in regard to the ratio of installed capacity vis-à-vis energy actually generated installed capacity and generated energy. This is an aspect usually overlooked when searching for energy sources. CARE has taken this concept to another level, allowing the user of its technology the benefit of achieving higher efficiency in energy yields. Normally, there is a 55% correlation between these two concepts when analyzing hydro-electric power, and Care’s is so much higher, yielding a 90% correlation. The efficiency of energy harvested and the continuous use of the unit throughout the year will undoubtedly bring enormous savings as well as the potential to sell excess energy needs to third parties, allowing for the amortization of the project in a reduced time frame.

On the operational aspect of Care’s hydroelectric plant has some truly measurable points, which sets it apart, namely:
•    The units are controlled and operated by satellite eliminating the necessity of an on the site staff. 
•    The time between design, fabrication, assembly and startup of a facility, depending on the desired power is close to 12 months. This time will be even shorter with the optimization of the manufacturing process which implies the manufacture of units when assembly line production is developed.
•    The installation does not flood any land, therefore expropriation and relocation of river side residents and the cost implicit in saving or reallocating flora and fauna and agricultural activities does not exist.
•    The flow of the river and its bed remains unchanged.
•    The CARE ELECTRIC technology does not require the use of grids or fences, so it does not retain the material in constant motion of the river bed which results in the ecological protection down river. This also avoids shut down time for cleaning.
•    More than one unit can be installed along the same river, increasing the energy potential of the region as well making more economical the connection to a distribution net.
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CARE’s technology has outstanding features, and complies with today’s needs and concerns. When compared with Small Hydroelectric Plants (PCH in Brazil), CARE’s output is far greater, since the Installed Capacity is so close to Effective Generated Energy, thus it outperforms any other hydro-electric generating technology.
This technology is based on the idea that development, well-being and the pursuit of a better life are not incompatible with caring for the environment and preserving it.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Safe and easy passage for migrating fish

Awards and International Recognition
CARE was selected by the World Economic Forum, Davos as a Technology Pioneer  ranked  4th  in Energy and Environmental Technologies in a selection done in 2010, it is the only South American company ever selected as a Technology Pioneer. CARE also was selected to participate in the CIETEC Program of the University of São Paulo.

CARE in the media
CARE’s technological breakthrough has been the subject of reporting  and exposure in several media outlets, including:
World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland -  www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl8OqToPoDU
CNN En Español - www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEaxPb357YE
BusinessWeek - www.businessweek.com/globalbiz/content/dec2009/gb2009127_163138.htm
International Water Power & Dam Construction, October  2010
Revista Harvard Business Review Edição Brasil, Sept 2010
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Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP) - www.bv.fapesp.br
CIETEC of the University of São Paulo - http://www.cietec.org.br/index.php?id1=30&id2=1436

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