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What are the motivations behind Large Government Projects?

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This article was published on the site of www.porumbrasilrenovado.com.br since it focuses on the CARE energy generating technology we place it at the disposition of our public

The following was published on the site www.porumbrasilrenovado.com.br. which translated literally means For A Renewed Brazil.

What are the motivations behind Large Government Projects?

There are many answers we could offer our readers, however we decided to present to the voting Brazilian public, the persons that visit our site, the following question:

When you accompany the announcement of a big government project be it the Municipal, State or Federal Government what comes to mind?


16% It will be very important for the country or State

27% I become concerned with the environment

52% It is just another opportunity for corruption and misuse of public funds.

05% I prefer not to reply.

This is the breakdown of the total replies from 1500 persons from different States of the Union. The replies which were received via our site www.porumbrasilrenovado.com.br during six months confirms the unfortunate fact of a government that does not enjoy public confidence or respect when they affirm that they are working to make improvements to favor the population.

The research was not directed to Government A or B or political party X or Y it appears that all lack the confidence of the public. Apparently the public, when voting, selects the least negative instead of the best potential leaders. Apparently such an option does not exist.

I want to analyze with our readers a GIGANTIC GOVERNMENT PROJECT that the Federal Government is developing, the Bel Monte Hydroelectric Dam . The result of my investigation and with the help of experts in the energy field I discovered that it appears to be a very expensive and unnecessary project. In order to determine if this is a valid conclusion it is necessary to establish comparative options. Consider the information that follows and feel free to present your opinions or comments you feel are warranted.

I want to remind our readers that this is an opinion or evaluation with NO POLITICAL CONNOTATIONS.

The Bel Monte hydro electric system will generate 40% of the installed power or rated power. The following is an example of news articles with reference to the subject and that present the reality of the project. .

The installed capacity is 11000 MW which makes it the second largest hydro system in the country . Bel Monte will effectively generate 4.4MW or year round at 4.4MW in normal water flow and in the dry season y.

The estimated cost of Bel Monte according to the article sited is R$19 Billion (US$11.4 billion at a conversion rate of US1,00 = R$1.66)

At this point you may be asking: Why is this considered an exaggeration?

Our staff decide to investigate if, in order to substitute the gigantic project, there exist alternatives that offer the same or better efficiency and to our surprise we found a Brazilian company that has been recognized internationally with technology that meets all of the requisites of the area and surprisingly with a much lower capital investment and even more important the technology does not have an adverse effect on the environment in spite of the fact that it is a hydro technology. A brief description follows :

The CARE electric energy generating technology that was recognized by the WEF , Davos generates energy at 90%+ of the installed capacity .

The cost of 1 MW of CARE energy is estimated at R$7.7 million US$ 4.5 million) with the minimum efficiency mentioned of 90% of installed capacity. Bel Monte, that will generate at 40% of installed capacity or approximately 4.428MW, would require, if it were to generate 11.000 MW, (the installed and paid for capacity) an investment of about R$30 Billion. To generate the same amount of energy 4.428MW using the CARE technology the investment would be approximately R3.3 billion or approximately US$2,29 Billion.

According to the author of the section Panorama Radar of Veja Magazine Mr. Lauro Jardim the interest calculated to finance the project is R$3.8 billion or US$2.29 billion.

Besides the investment necessary and feasibility of the technology our staff evaluated what we consider to be more important, specifically the degree of aggression to the environment, including the necessity to remove local residents, towns and cities from the area that will be flooded. We analyzed the CARE technology considering these aspects and concluded that no land is flooded, no forests areas are destroyed the population is not adversely effected and the natural life continues unaffected. Finally to our admiration the river bed remains absolutely free to flow thereby protecting the river banks down river as well as allowing river life fish etc. to maintain their normal life.

Dear reader if you have at your disposal any means to alert the authorities responsible for gigantic Bel Monte Project with respect to the CARE technology do so. Very possibly there may exist other technologies however, suggest that a responsible evaluation be made taking into consideration the society that pays taxes and the salaries and benefits of our politicians.

I ask that you help bring to the attention of the authorizes a technology that has the capacity to save millions of animal species, natural life, trees and that does not interfere in any away with local habitants. This can be considered as an effort in favor of the International Year of the Trees ;


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