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Advantages of The Care Turbine System

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The time necessary to plan and manufacture the an installation is reduced, much less time is required compared to any hydraulic system known today. Installation time is up to 12 months. In the future sections of all models will  be manufactured on assembly lines and mounted according to local conditions.

Considering the fact that units can be placed almost in any location signifies that they can be placed close to the point of consumption of the energy generated or close to transmission lines. Both factors result in significant cost reduction.

The operation is entirely atomized therefore there is no necessity for an on site staff. Control sensors measure and transmit operating details as well as data on river condition such as velocity of the current and height. Cameras transmite images to a central control station.

The generation of energy is proportional to the height of the water level and volume in front of the turbine or unit that exercises a horizontal pressure on the blades. The results of these two sources of energy cause the rotation of the turbine and consequent generation of electric energy.

The rotation of the turbine with the flexible blades oxygenates the water which is favorable to aquatic life as well as contributing to the recuperation of polluted waters.

The entire system is self contained or in other words the frame supports all of the necessary sections of an energy generating installation. It does not require and sort of construction on the river bank with the possible exception of a distribution shack.

All units are equipped with specially designed fish runs that are normally positioned close the river bank These runs are so designed that the water pressure in the interior of the system is reduced facilitating fish passage.

Installations composed of a large number of turbines will have incorporated in the support structure at mid stream fish passages.

In rivers that are navigable locks can be installed.

No canals, tubing or any other artificial means are employed to conduct or to direct the water flow.

In estimating costs there is no need to include such items as compensating the flooding of economically productive land or the removal of persons from their homes.

The units are adaptable to almost any river which eliminates long and costly planning and allows the development of many projects simultaneously.

Contrary to the hydro energy systems know today there is no need for a reservoir eliminating the flooding of any land.

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