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Introduction to a Technical evaluation of the CARE technology

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The following is an introduction to a Technical evaluation of the CARE technology by the Federal Center of Technological Education of Minas Gerais Brazil

Professor José Raimundo da Luz wrote as an introduction  to the Universities evaluation report:

“The CARE turbine is the most important discovery for the generation of electric energy with no pollution for the immediate future. We believe that the CARE generation technology provides the opportunity for profound social and economic changes.”

“In developed countries it can generate energy to produce hydrogen fuel while in developing countries it can bring energy to remote and poor areas. In both cases it is a potential generator of millions of jobs direct and indirect which can change the world economy.”

Jose Raimundo da Luz  
CEFET Federal Center of Technology Education of Minas Gerais  Brazil
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• There is no need to flood land;
• No one is expelled form their homes;
• Natural  life remains in their domain;
• It is not intrusive the environment remains unchanged.


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