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The Care Technology and Its Benefits

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In presenting this paper it is our intention to bring our readers up to date with respect to the recent advances and development of the CARE Technology as well as favorable new cost projections,  technical and manufacturing improvements as well as discuss environmental and social aspects. 

Before presenting our comments with reference to the  CARE technology we  review and offer information with respect to the credibility of this new hydro technology. First, the following is the introduction to the evaluation report of the technology made by the CEFET the energy division of the University of Minas Gerais. It stated:

The floating turbine is the most important discovery for the generation of alternative electric energy for the  immediate future causing no pollution.
We can predict that the use of the turbine for generation will provoke significant changes in social structures , in economic development and with regard to ecological and environmental considerations .
In developed countries its potential can be used to produce hydrogen and in developing countries its potential can be used to provide energy to  where it is not readily available. In both cases it will make it possible to create millions of jobs direct and indirect complementing the world’s economy.

The  CARE technology was subsequently invited to be a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum of Davos in 2010 .

CARE was also invited to participate in the  CIETEC program of the University of São Paulo.
Centro de Inovação, Empreendedorismo e Tecnologia - Cietec 
The technology was recognized internationally by articles published in Business Week, Harvard Business Review  Brazil, Valor Economico, the USA magazine Water Power and Dam Construction www.wterpowermagazine.com by the magazine Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negocios by the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)  and was the subject of TV half hour report by CNN in Spanish.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 08 June 2014 17:22 )


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CARE Electric Energy Ltda. é uma empresa brasileira cuja finalidade principal é a de desenvolver e comercializar tecnologia de geração de energia elétrica inovadora e que estão em harmonia com o meio ambiente. A empresa desenvolveu e registrou patentes que são comprovadamente econômicas e lucrativas e que atendem exigências modernas de preservação do meio ambiente.

Em um mundo que cada dia procura e exige soluções ambientalmente corretas limpas e renováveis das empresas a CARE Electric assumiu como seu objetivo principal atender essas exigências.

Nas páginas que seguem pessoas e empresas interessadas e conscientes das suas obrigações perante a sociedade poderão tomar conhecimento desta nova tecnologia.


What are the motivations behind Large Government Projects?

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This article was published on the site of www.porumbrasilrenovado.com.br since it focuses on the CARE energy generating technology we place it at the disposition of our public

The following was published on the site www.porumbrasilrenovado.com.br. which translated literally means For A Renewed Brazil.

What are the motivations behind Large Government Projects?

There are many answers we could offer our readers, however we decided to present to the voting Brazilian public, the persons that visit our site, the following question:

When you accompany the announcement of a big government project be it the Municipal, State or Federal Government what comes to mind?


16% It will be very important for the country or State

27% I become concerned with the environment

52% It is just another opportunity for corruption and misuse of public funds.

05% I prefer not to reply.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 25 August 2011 13:45 )

A Film Showing prototype generating electric energy

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A Film Showing prototype generating electric energy.

We recommend to our readers that may be reluctant to accept the new  technology that they assist the film of the first unit generating electric energy.

Please go to the last design on the left side of this page or to www.youtube.com/careelectric.

This unit was the basis of the  recognition of the invention as a new efficient and profitable generating method realized by CEFET of the University of Minas Gerais that concluded that the technology is an extraordinary invention.  The full report is available.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 22 March 2011 15:22 )

Taking care of turbines

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A new technology developed by Brazilian company CARE Electric utilises river !ows and allows for installation in practically any location, regardless of river width, depth and current

AUSTRIAN inventor Johann Hoffman has combined forces with Brazilian company CARE Electric to design a turbine system to capture energy from the natural !ow of rivers; eliminating the need for dams, reservoirs and !ooding of land. In acknowledgement of their work, CARE was one of 26 companies to be named as 2010 Tech Pioneers by the World Economic Forum.

The modular designed concept involves suspending turbines across the river and it is possible to place units successively downstream. The only real restriction or guideline is that each unit must be placed at a suf"cient distance from the proceeding unit, allowing the river which was highly oxygenated by the turbine blades, to return to its natural state. Models can be designed to be adapted according to the size and !ow of a river. The generating capacity is directly dependent on the volume of water !ow and river conditions. The volume of energy to be installed is currently a multiple of 167kWh which is the installed capacity of the slow speed rotation generator available. Larger capacity generators are being developed.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 18 November 2010 02:07 )

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• There is no need to flood land;
• No one is expelled form their homes;
• Natural  life remains in their domain;
• It is not intrusive the environment remains unchanged.


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